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This short mentoring programme has been designed to assist artists with developing their own practice and first collections where the figure and abstraction is their means of expression.  It will help participants to explore, express, reconfigure and reimagine the narrative of a Black and African-centred viewpoint within a post colonial social environment.


For a large part of his creative career, Alvin Kofi has sat both on the fringes and whilst also very much active in the mainstream art scene.  Those experiences and the knowledge he accumulated, reflected in his body of work, urged him to develop this unique mentoring programme ‘PASSION’ which he would like to share with you. 


The play between the human figure and abstraction has long been a dance in the art of African cultures.  And now ingrained in art across the cultures of the world, re-emerging amongst the visual narratives of the contemporary art scene often segregates or unifies us.  Whether through representation, realism or abstraction, let us help you imagine your creations. 


You will work directly alongside Alvin Kofi in online sessions and live meetings at his studio as he supports you step by step to explore your ideas from conception to realisation.


The programme will run over three months with two online sessions and one session at the artist's studio each month.  You will also have the opportunity for a one-to-one discussion with Alvin Kofi.


The programme kicks off in April 2024 with a live induction session at the studio when you will meet the other participants. 

Places are limited so will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.  We, therefore, recommend that you sign up as soon as possible.

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  • Induction session at the artist's studio.

  • Online session:  starts with a presentation by Alvin Kofi giving a Historical/Contemporary Overview to reconnect you with the Black Art History Timeline from the ancient to the recent past.

  • The aim is to inspire and provoke participants to examine and formulate ideas for their possible collection.  Set a schedule from concept to production of the work/collection. 


  • Review and discuss concepts, composition and materials developed in the first month. You will receive positive feedback and open discussion with the group.

  • Explore Black artists - past and present - who have contributed work that celebrates and repositions through realism and abstraction within their work.



  • Further developing and finalising your composition and formats. 

  • Experiment with materials, develop techniques and processes. 

  • Finalise changes and analyse your collection of paintings.

  • Discuss the artist bio and analysis of a collection for different audiences and market interactions. 

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