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Alvin Kofi - motif
Alvin Kofi - motif
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Alvin Kofi - motif
Drawings by Alvin Kofi


I am in essence a painter, so having the patience to give each image the time and space to evolve is important.  But allowing it to materialise naturally this way can, at times, be challenging.  It means starting without knowing the actual outcome, but trusting that the right thing will emerge in the right way, through the hand, and hoping through the process I would have learnt my lesson.  


Within each process my hand and the pencil are the first medium through which I begin to actualise what comes from within.   For me that usually starts with a simple sketch.

Alvin Kofi - small motif
Portrait:  Black Star
Alvin Kofi - small motif
Alvin Kofi:  Inspiration

  "I am intrinsically inspired by the things to which I am connected,

and driven by an inner compulsion to enquire about and reflect on them."  

Alvin Kofi - small motif

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