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Exploring the figure

Main Gallery
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Main Gallery

Many of the works in the Galleries are for sale.

Please send your enquiry using the Contact form.

Alvin Kofi - motif
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The Print Shop

visit the Shop to buy prints online now

Alvin Kofi - small motif


Alvin Kofi - small motif
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Narrative Works

Alvin Kofi - small motif


Alvin Kofi - motif
Alvin Kofi:  Inspiration

  "I am intrinsically inspired by the things to which I am connected,

and driven by an inner compulsion to enquire about and reflect on them."  

Alvin Kofi - small motif

Get in touch

If you are interested in purchasing any of the art works,

or wish to find out about commissioning a portrait,

or have any other queries, please use this form to send your details.

Studio visits can be arranged by appointment for collectors

to view the available art works.

Thanks for your interest. Your message has been sent.

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