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A Caribbean Influencer

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The Museum of Croydon in partnership with the National Portrait Gallery have presented a project and exhibition called Citizen UK: Caribbean Influencers, and to my surprise I have been selected as one of those influencers. 


Lead by artist Kyam and Croydon Poet Laureate Shaniqua Benjamin, they explore stories of the Caribbean community and those individuals who have made an impact on their culture and Black UK community. 


Over the years, creating positive images of Black bodies in an environment where there was little or no such imagery, it's not until much later that you really understand how important your contribution has been. This takes place by the younger generation acknowledging the work you have done and how that work has become part of the fabric of the Black British visual landscape. 

The exhibition focused around portraiture - for which I had to submit a photograph of myself, so I decided to take a photo of my own to celebrate being selected; and I also presented one of the many images that now sit in the homes of Afro-Caribbeans up and down the UK.

Quotation marks_edited.png
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